Josh Senior

Adaptive Adventure Athlete



Following a 35 foot fall in 2010 I suffered a spinal cord injury in that initially left me with no feeling or movemenr below the waist.  Following that, a below knee amputation in 2013. Since the accident I have resolved to do what I can do keep my life together and my body in the best condition t can be despite its breaks and missing parts.

As a result I trained and qualified as a personal trainer in 2014 and have been in love with training ever since.  I returned to climbing more recently and remembered why and how much I love it.  After some serious work I got myself onto the GB paraclimbing team which was a massive honour.  In the last year I have been focusing on developing my Crossfit.  Having never entered a Box I joined up with the goal of competing in a crossfit competition as part of a series of challenges to raise money for the Air Ambulance.  In turn, I entered the WheelWod adaptive Open and found myself qualifying for their adaptive games in second place!  It would be crazy not to pursue it toits maximal potential.

My key focus outside of my family life is to redefine my limits.  Only by discovering my limits will I truly know and understand my capacity and what I am really capable of.  Whether that is through climbing, through crossfit, though some epic kayaking adventure or through some ludicrous yet to be planned adventure, only time will tell, but my goal is to change the world.  Nothing like dreaming big eh.... 

In 2019 I put my money where my mouth is and spent a year raising as much money as a could for the Kent, Surrex, Sussex Air Ambulance.  

You can find out about it in the vlog here:


"When life throws you to the floor, you have to dig deep and pick youself up, pull that little bit harder, push for longer and take that extra step."

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I consider myself extremely fortunate to have support from some incredile people/organisations;

-Chimera Climbing - exceptional climbing walls!

-Chalkbox Crossfit - an awesome box with an amazing comminuty!

*If youre company or brand would be interested in forming any kind of sponsorship or parntership please get into contact.