Josh Senior

Adaptive Adventure Athlete


A passsion for adventure

Apart from fatherhood and family, my first love was a good adventure, be that half way up a crag or throwing myself some white water in a kayak.  It was that desire for adventure that spurred my rehab after breaking my back.  There was no way I was turning my back on the great outdoors or on a decent adrenaline rush.  

A top priority was to return to climbing which I did and its led me to some increible places and situations, from a competeing in world championship competitions to bouldering in the Rocklands of South Africa.  

Im currently taking some time out of competition climbing to focus my competative enery on Crossfit but it is absolutely not the end of my love of rock climbing.  Just a break from climbing competitions and enjoying climbing for climbing again.  

Ultimately I love adventure and I love pushing myself in the great outdoors.  If I get the opportunity to get out climbing, kayaking, canoeing, walking, running, biking, jet skiing - you name it, Ive tried it or want to try it.  Ill throw myself at anything from open water swims to OCR's, to triathlons and more.  


Another passion of mine is for gym work.  I am a qualified personal trainer with experience in traditionasl gyms as well as running specific calisthenic training courses.  

In recent times I've moved into and started experimenting with Crossfit for my own training.  It came about as one of my challenges from 2019.  I entered a crossfit competition having never stood foot in a Crossfit Box.  It quickly became a training style and methedoloy that I loved, despite various issues and things to work out regarding a broken and fused back and a missing leg. I'm loving the learning process and found myself qualifying for the WheelWod Games in the states in 2020 so its all systems go prepping for that! 

Public Speaking

I love getting the opportunity to share my story, to talk through the realities of disabily, ability and how they work side by side and hopefuly inpire people to push themselves to do someything they once believed impossible.

Currently my background is mostly radio interviews, school assemblies and uni lectures focuing on various topics including;

  • balancing risk vrs reward
  • what does rehab really mean
  • overcoming limitations
  • redefining identity
  • q and a with a disabled guy where any quesiton goes...

In 2019 alone I have spoken and run workshops in many schools around the country and had the oppotunity to interact with tens of thousands of pupils from 5-18 years old.

Sharing my story and helping others to recognise their own potential is something I really enjoy.  If you would be interested in having me speak at an event please get into contact. 

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I consider myself extremely fortunate to have support from some incredile people/organisations;

-Chimera Climbing - exceptional climbing walls!

-Chalkbox Crossfit - an awesome box with an amazing comminuty!

*If youre company or brand would be interested in forming any kind of sponsorship or parntership please get into contact.