Apart from fatherhood and family, my top priority at the moment is to be the best climber I can be.  To push myself to climb hard at competitions, local, national, and international to be the best I can be.

Im also determined to get more outside climbing done outside of the competition scene.  Climbing started for me asan purely outdoor pursuit so it brings me a lot of pleasure to get outside and pull on real rock when I can! 

On occasions I also find myself running NICAS courses or helping on introcution to climbing courses for anyone (able bodied or disabled people alike) and delivering some coaching.


Another passion of mine if for gym work, and particularly body weight training (Calisthenics).  I am a personal trainer and heavily involved in running body weight training workshops at the SCI in Tonbridge.  Keep an eye on my social media for links and updates as to when they run and how to get involved as they are growing fast. 

My love for body weight training comes from a desire to gain as much control over my body as possible.  Having once lost control of everything from the waist down, real control is a skill I am extrely keen to keep and improve on.  It also gives me some fun party tricks to pull out of the bag!

Public Speaking

I love getting the opportunity to share my story, to talk through the realities of disabily, ability and how they work side by side and hopefuly inpire people to push themselves to do someything they once believed impossible.

Currently my background is mostly radio interviews, school assemblies and uni lectures focuing on various topics including;

  • balancing risk vrs reward
  • what does rehab really mean
  • overcoming limitations
  • redefining identity
  • q and a with a disabled guy where any quesiton goes...

Sharing my story and helping others to recognise their own potential is something I really enjoy.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have support from some incredile people/organisations;

-Chimera Climbing, tunbridge wells - exceptional climbing wall!

-Chalkbox Crossfit Gyn in seavenoaks - an awesome box with an amazing comminuty!

-Beyond Hope - supplies of the best climbing gear in the buisness!




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