12 in 12 fundraising

Why the air ambulance

In 2010, I took a 35 foot fall which could easily have been the end of my life.  I was

incredibly blessed to survive, let along make anything like the level of recovery I

have made wth the injuries sustained.  

Without the exceptional level of health care and support I have recieved throught

the years, I do not believe I would be where I am today!   That started with the air

ambulance transporting me to the royal London and I will forever be indepted

to them for that.

The air ambulance is a charity.  It is not funded by goverment or the NHS, it is paid for be people like you and me who see it as a worthy cause to support.  

My goal for 2019 is to raise £10000 for the air ambulance.  This is a huge goal, but in reality will only pay for (less than) three call outs.  What is HUGELY more important than the finaces I can raise this year is the exposure I can create.     Getting a thousand people to sponsor me £10 is incredible, but what would be hugely more incredible would be getting 1000 people to consider donating a £1 a month as a direct debit and then forgetting about it for the next 10 years, and encouraging their friends and family to do the same. 

Services like the air ambulance are easily taken for granted, or event not really acknowledged until your in a postition where you or a loved one need them.  Its then you realise how completely vital they are and that they literally save lives.   

$ 00.00

A year of serious fundraising for the Air Ambulance 

12 challenges in 12 months 

I have come up with a slightly ridiculous challenge concept to try to raise this money and awareness.  

in 2019, I am going to complete 12 different challenges, all of which would have seemed completely impossible in the early days of my rehab following my spinal injuries when we didnt know if I would ever walk again.  I will be juggling these alongside competative rock climbing for GB, a multitude of school assembles and other work and family life - with the excitment of a new addition on the way to add some extra sleepless night and exhaustion to the mix.      

These will be hard!! Really hard.  They will be hard for a few reasons;

-I think people will be more inclined to dig a bit deeper if they can see that I am genuinly suffering.

-it increases the chances of raising more awareness!  

-I want to discover my limits.  Ever since begining the rehab process I have been attempting to push my limits and to understand what it means to find your limits both physical and psychological.  It facintes me and I really believe you can only know yourself fully if you understand your capabilities. 

-I want to inspire people to push themselves, to questions their own limits, to push themselves harder and to be more active. 


-300x300 challenge

For 300 days in 2019 I will complete 300 reps in addition to my planned training plan.  50 Pull ups. 50 Press ups. 50 burpees. 50 body weight squats. 100 band pull aparts.   As I update this I am on day 75 and considering going for a full year - who needs 65 rest days?

-The tunbridge Wells half marathon.  

Th first completed challenge!  running is not my thing and I had a chest infection so i was very happy to achieve a respectable sub 2:30 time.

-30km medway paddle

In march I kayaked 30km of the river medway in day.   This is the longest I have kayaked in many, many years.  Its certainly the longest I have paddled since before my injury and I will be in a white water boat, not a race boat so it wont be the fastest pace.   The two big challenges here were expected to be fatugue - its a long way, and back pain.  Turns out we nearly died.  you'll have to track down the vlog to find out how and why!

-Redbull Quicksand 

This is a one mile race but it is an OCR on the beach organised by redbull.  Redbull generally dont hold back on their ideas of adventure so this will be interested.  A clue is in the name, its all set up on a beach so its running on sand and sanddunes.  Sand running is always a nightmare but in a blade its like running with a spade for a foot.  I may well be crawling by the end. 

-Obstical races

I am booked in to do two OCR's this year.   I imagine the run elements will remain the biggest challenge in these but time will tell, they may have obsticals that shock me. 

-The Turf Games

In June, I am part of a team entering the turf games.  This looks to be an incredible event.   It is an all day fitness competion in teams of 5.  It looks incredible fun.  It also looks incredibly hard.  If you look up the turf games you will find some videos and everyone in them look like they've been plucked out of the film 300 or something.

-The Great east Swim

A 5km open water swim in June!  Ive never done an open water swim. Before signing up to this (two months before the event) I had never done over 1km in the pool so its a big ask.  Hoping I dont drown.

-The Marathon row...

This is looking set to be an early september challenge.  It will be disgusting!  It is what it says on the tin.  Get on a rowing machine, row a marathon distance, fall off the rowing machine.  Big thanks to my brother in law for coming up with this idea. 

-European Championships 

In November I am competing in the European championships Crossfit open event in the adaptive category.  Im really excited by this one, but also painfully aware that until last week I had never so much as stepped into a crossfit box.  Lets see if I can qualify for the finals in 2020 right? 

-Everest rope climb

The big end of year challenge for december is an everst height rope climb.  Plenty of details to iron out here but the premis is simple (if scary).  As a team of three, we have a rope rigged up, we start a timer, and we climb in a relay.  We keep climbing with the goal of climbing everst height.  We have a 24 hour cut off.   

As you can see, there are three gaps left to fill.  There are some logistical ideas being ironed out, dates sorted etc so if you have any ideas give me a shout; 

current contenders are,

-a 24 hour workout

-a sprint triathon 

I will keep you posted.  

What Can you do?


Sponsor me.  That would be an incredible first step.  The link to my just giving page is pretty obvious. 

Give me some support, moral etc!  Follow this crazy little adventure.  Follow my instagram and my vlog (Link to the vlog and insta are up the top!!), and SHARE everything!! Awareness and publicity are going to be key to making this a masssive success! 


$ 00.00

Massive thank yous are owed to a few people here. 

Firstly, the good people at the KSS AIR AMBULANCE who are being really supportive of these efforts and for doing what they do - you know, actually going out and saving real peoples lives. 

Huge thanks to friends who are supporting this by cheering me on and motivting me to train and in some cases for being involved with the challenges. Craig and Alex are owed a special mention here as they join me for the 300x300, the half marathon, the OCRs, the medway paddle and the rope climb.

The Turf games team, Alex, Craig, Oliver and Richard - Legends.  And Oliver who came up with the marathon row idea - hes not making me do it alone. 

Chalkbox Crossfit in seavenoaks have been incredible.  Having got in contact with them to see if they might help with the November challenge they have been incredible.  They are so keen to do all they can to support me in that challege but they are also keen to adopt the air ambulance as the charirty they support this year, holding their own fundraising events, and helping to publicise etc etc.  Im increidbly excited! 

The people who have already sponsored and shared this - heros the lot of you! Feel free to keep sharing. 

You, as your mouse hovers over the button to my just giving page, whilst simultaniously posting on instagram to share what I'm doing - you're great too!  Help me make this massive!


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have support from some incredile people/organisations;

-Chimera Climbing, tunbridge wells - exceptional climbing wall!

-Chalkbox Crossfit Gyn in seavenoaks - an awesome box with an amazing comminuty!

-Beyond Hope - supplies of the best climbing gear in the buisness!




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